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My Approach

The most important thing to me is that you and your little love are rested enough to enjoy this special time in your lives! We will work together to create a plan that is specific to your family's needs, with the least amount of tears possible

I will take the time to get to know you and your family, your goals, and your schedule so that we can provide you with the skills needed to instill healthy sleeping habits. 

My services include:

  • Creating age-specific plans to help target key sleeping issues during these developmental phases

  • Establishing schedules that can be utilized by all caregivers (nannies, grandparents, etc.)

  • In-home visits and educational sessions

  • Phone consultations

  • Email consultations

About me

Hi! I'm Libby and I am an RN and certified Infant & Toddler Sleep Specialist. I began my career as a registered nurse in a Pediatric Intensive Care Unit and have over 10 years experience in children's healthcare.


I live in Fresno, California with my  wonderful husband and sweet little love, Charlie- who, after many sleepless nights, led me to discover the exciting field of sleep coaching. 

Additional Resources

Becoming a parent is a simultaneously wonderful and overwhelming experience. Suddenly, your whole world and priorities have shifted and it is absolutely ok to have tough days or to question what is "normal." Below, I've attached some resources that were very beneficial to me early on in my journey as a mama. 



Mothers need just as much attention as a newborn because they too have just been born.